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Thursday, May 01, 2014

New Free Pattern- "Chutes & Ladders" Infinity Scarf

Welcome to my NEW Free Pattern! The "Chutes & Ladders" Infinity Scarf! 

This was originally created as an accessory for the Rastafari Slouch Hybrid Hat (a knit & crochet collaboration). The pattern calls for 6 ounces of bulky yarn, a J hook, and it takes an afternoon to make. 

You can get the free pattern at Craftsy, Ravelry, and Love Crochet!

Or, you can get the pattern here:

6 oz Bulky yarn (Pictured: Multicolored- “Rainbow Classic” in the Multi-Citrus colorway. Gray: Yarn Bee- “Tender Touch”- Rain colorway) 
J Hook 
Large Eye needle for assembly 

Infinity scarf: 
Row1- Ch26, sc in 2nd ch, (ch1, sk ch, sc in next ch) across. 
Row2- ch1, turn, sc in first sc and first ch1 space,(ch1, sk sc, sc in next ch1) across, sc in last sc. 
Row3- ch4 (cts as dc and ch1), turn, (dc in next ch1, ch1) repeat across, dc in last sc. 
Row4- ch1, turn, sc in dc and ch1 space, (ch1, sk dc, sc in next ch1) across, sc in dc. 
Row5- ch1, turn, sc in first sc, (ch1, sc in next ch1) repeat, ch1, sc in last sc. 
Row6- ch3, turn, dc in ch1, (ch1, dc in next ch1) across, dc in last sc. 
Row7- ch1, turn, sc in dc, (ch1, sc in next ch1) across, ch1, sc in last dc. 
Repeat Rows 2-7 
End with a dc row when it is about 5 feet long. 
Leave a long piece for sewing ends together. 

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homeschooljewelrymom said...

Nice :-) I especially like it in the variegated. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for visiting my blog :-)